December Business Planning for Coaches – Part 6

I have received great interest in this series, validating my belief that coach training needs to include a section on business building. Here at JST Coaching, we have always offered our trainees an opportunity to discuss their next steps in business building in the youth coaching market and beyond.  We provide marketing strategies and offer alternatives to fit the needs and comfort level of each coach.  Marketing basics are important, but if you are not comfortable with using certain techniques, you won’t follow through.  In the end, actions speak louder than ideas on a page.  Create a marketing plan that you can live with and when you need help with certain areas, such as social media marketing, ask for help. The coaching community is rich in resources.  Start networking now!

We ask each class participant to create an “elevator speech” to share with the class and trainers. It’s not easy to compress one’s passions into a sentence or two. Having a safe space to edit and practice is very helpful.  If you have not yet found the right words to share with others, know that those words WILL come.  Play with the language and imagine yourself going up 2 floors, then 5 floors. What information can, and will you share with others with the time allowed? Here is an example:

Two floors:

  1. “I am a life coach who helps people meet their personal and professional goals.”
  2. “I specialize in ADHD and executive function coaching for youth.”
  3. “I am a youth coach and coach trainer. I love my work!”

Five floors – more time to connect.

  1. In addition to the information shared above, offer your business card. This might take a bit of time, but worth the effort. While searching for your card, inquire about the other person’s profession.
  2. Offer more detail about coaching or your specialty, but leave them wanting more.
  3. Share your vision or your goal –
    1. To provide coaching services to individuals and families with ADHD around the world.
    2. To create a non-profit for coaching
    3. To increase awareness of the value of life coaching/ADHD coaching/etc.

Play with your ideas and test them out on family and friends. When you speak your truth and share your passion, people will listen.

Wishing you a client-filled new year!