December Business Planning for Coaches – Part 5

Happy Monday! Hopefully your holiday shopping is done and you are ready to explore coach marketing ideas for 2012.  Let’s imagine that you have been coaching for two years or more and branching out into a new niche. How do you reach out and let people know about your new services? They already know you and respect you for the coaching services you provide.  The door is open to share the exciting news about your new niche! Create a one-page flyer and attach to an email or send a postcard announcement via snail mail. I have learned over the years that my passion for my work is a big source of my success. Basically, I love ADHD coaching and coach training and it shows.  People want to connect with individuals who share their passion and are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.  Regardless of your new niche, shout it from the rooftops and let the world know what you are doing.  A few ideas for getting the word out:

  1. The email/flyer/postcard mentioned above
  2. Set up a free one or two hour seminar to introduce your services to others.
    • Professional offices – lunch breaks are great
    • PTA and PTSA meetings
    • Local community colleges – students of all ages are enrolled
    • Look back at my blog entry from last week to get a full list of ideas.
  3. Get on Blog Talk Radio.  Who do you know with a radio show?  Be a guest or start your own program.  If you want to start small, record your own podcasts to share on Facebook, Twitter and on your website.  Again – share your passion and expertise with others.
  4. Create one or two workshops to offer at a low cost. Pick a topic within your comfort level and charge a minimal fee.  Include a drawing for a product or a discounted first month of coaching (with the understanding that one month is only the tip of the iceberg).  What else can you think of to offer as an incentive to attendees?
  5. Submit a proposal to at least one conference for 2012.  Please note that most non-profits do not pay you to speak at their conferences, so this will be a business expense.  Plan for that in your budget so you are not caught short when your proposal is accepted.
  6. Write an article or a blog post for a print or online magazine.  What do you want people to know about your work, your new coaching niche, your passion?  Share, share, share!

By now, you probably have a head full of ideas. Go ahead and write them down. Then PLAN a time to take action!  The holidays are upon us, so be kind to yourself and don’t sit at your computer for too long.  Enjoy family and friends and check back next week for the sixth and final installment of December Business Planning for Coaches!