December Business Planning for Coaches – Part 4

As I mentioned last week, you can create a starter website for a low fee and hold off on a more extensive, and expensive, site until you have income to reinvest in your business. Some people don’t see the website as a necessity for those working in a local market. When I am asked by families for a referral to a local coach, they typically prefer to talk with that coach AFTER reviewing the coach’s website.  In my opinion, a home page is better than no page. If you are really struggling with a business name, register your name as your domain name. We all gotta start somewhere! When you decide on a business name, register that domain name and direct the original domain name to your new one. People will be able to find you through both domain names. Doubtful?  Go to and see where you land! Did you notice that I mentioned reinvesting in your business?  This is a very important point. There is truth in the idea that you have to spend money to make money.  However, you do not have to spend a lotof money to launch or expand your coaching business.  Start small and use a portion of your income for marketing expenses (after paying taxes of course). Limit your expenses to the necessities.  You probably have many of these items already.

  1. Computer
  2. Printer
  3. Landline – if you have one, invest in a second voice mail box for business calls only.
  4. Cell phone – put a simple business-like message on voice mail
  5. Business cards – check for free cards online at Vistaprint or low cost at Nextdayflyers. You can also print cards on your printer if you use card stock.
  6. Flyers – if your clients are not local, you can create one on your computer and email it.
  7. Office supplies
  8. Checking account – opt for the free checks whenever possible
  9. P.O. Box – do you really need one?
  10. Office space – do you have space at home to work without interruptions?  Will you be coaching in person or on the phone/Skype? Consider your needs before spending any money.

What else will you need to start your business?  If you are expanding your business, how much money do you have to spend on marketing?  Are you ready for the bigger, better website or a professional membership with online listings for coaches? Consider your options and your budget. Today, I want to leave you to consider the best next step for you. My next post will explore more marketing ideas for those of you ready to expand your horizons.