December Business Planning for Coaches – Part 2

On Monday I listed the basic steps for planning for 2012.  What steps have you taken to prepare for coaching in the new year?  Do you have a net income goal?  It is reasonable and based on a monthly coaching fee and the number of clients you want to have signed up for coaching?  If so, check that off your list and move on to the next step to make this goal a reality. Create a basic marketing plan.  Who will you contact, how will you contact them and what will be your method for follow-up?  Remember that sending out information is only the first step towards getting clients. Prospective clients want to know who you are and what you have to offer.  They may need to better understanding of what coaching is and how it will benefit them, their spouse or their children. Launch a simple website to identify yourself. It is not necessary to spend alot of money. In fact, there are various free options to help you get started.  I know that some people think it is not necessary to have web presence.  In my experience, prospective client families ask for coaches with websites. They want to shop before they buy.  You can put up a photo, a brief bio with your experience and credentials, and a short page on your services.  Start small and build. In order to launch a website, you have to have a business name or your name as your domain name.  What are you going to do if you can’t decide on a name just yet?  My advice – spend a finite amount of  time (weeks, not months) deciding on a name and get started.  If you can purchase your top two domain name choices for a year, do that. It’s very inexpensive and a way to safeguard your ideas.  I have 5 -8 domain names and they have been very useful in getting my business name, and my name, out to the public. How will you be accountable to yourself to take this next step? Do you have a coach, a mentor, a trainer?  I would love to hear from you on my blog!  Share your ideas, if you wish, or just let me know that you are moving forward. Good luck with setting your financial goals and starting your marketing plan.  More next week.