Congratulations! You completed Student Coach Training… Now What?

Our Student Coach training classes always have amazingly diverse participants. We have graduates that are also trained in social work, organizers, higher education professionals, the list goes on and on. They are ALWAYS incredibly passionate about the value of empowering students to be successful and work hard to learn new skills. They are ecstatic when the day comes that they receive their graduation certificate.

Now What?

It is common for new coaches to not think beyond student coach training and what comes next. If you are launching your own coaching practice, your journey has just begun when training ends. New coaches will often tell us that they just want to coach and not worry about marketing or anything business related. Unfortunately, if families do not know that you exist then how will they find you?

Marketing does not have to be an elaborate plan. In fact, when you are just starting out it is best to start simple and grow as you find the best marketing options for you. The good news is that the support that you received from JST Coaching & Training during training does not have to end either. We have several options to support you in this next critical phase of your coaching journey.

Get Listed: We constantly have families asking for help finding a JST trained coach in their area. Getting listed on our JST Grad directory is the most cost effective marketing tool you can find. If the families are on our website, shouldn’t you be?

Get a Website: This can also be done simply to start out with. There is no reason to go broke at the start of your coaching career putting up an elaborate website. You can always make changes later. Just like coaching, web marketing is a process that is ever evolving and your website can grow as you do!

Get Social: There are millions of websites so now that you have one, how will people find you? Getting listed on the directory is a good start but you have to let your light shine on social media. Once again, start simple with one social media platform and expand to other platforms as you grow and evolve your marketing. Focus on sharing valuable content that people want to see and virtual networking with like-minded professionals.

Find a Mentor: Mentoring comes in multiple forms and business mentoring is the best way to set up your business the right way and kick start your marketing. The cost of wasted opportunity when you and your friend Google try to go it alone is immense. Many coaches end up losing months if not years because they just don’t know where to start. A quality business mentor will get you much further much faster than our friend Google ever could. JST offers both private and group mentoring so you are sure to find an option that fits you and where you are with your business.

Ready to get serious about launching your student coaching business? We are honored to support you in this exciting journey!