Coaching on my mind – a quick story

I am in Provo, UT this week delivering a coach training to college staff and other professionals.  My traveling companion and colleague from The Netherlands is an adult with ADHD.  Before we left the DC area, she had mentioned needing an academic year day planner, but that it was not urgent. It left my mind, so I thought. When we arrived in Provo on Tuesday, my stomach was on east coast time and it needed lunch.  We drove toward our hotel and found a nice little restaurant for food, caffeine and conversation before starting our work.  As we sipped coffee and ate our sandwiches, I was admiring the surrounding Wasatch mountain range through the windows when my eyes spotted an Office Depot and a Staples across the street.  My mind immediately went into coach mode!  “Oh, wow”, I said.  “We can go shopping for your planner after lunch!  There are two stores and many choices. I can help you decide!”  My colleague laughed and for a moment I did not get the joke.  She reminded me that I always have coaching on my mind and in the midst of all the beauty, my focus was on office supplies!  That’s me – coaching on my mind, and in my head, 24/7!