Coaching, Connections & CHADD

Did you know that CHADD’s 25th Anniversary Annual International Conference on ADHD is taking place in San Francisco, CA, November 8-10 this year?  And, are you wondering why I am writing about this in January?! Well, for anyone interested in submitting a conference proposal, the DEADLINE is January 31, 2012.

Here are 5 reasons to submit a proposal for consideration this year.

1. Coaching is a growing field – many new ideas to share with the ADHD professional community. 2. Teach others about your coaching strategies and share your successes. Many sessions are approved for coaching CCEUS, so you are helping others get needed training. 3. Enjoy watching your audience nod their heads and smile when your topic hits home. 4. Receive acknowledgement for sharing your expertise. Please remember that this is NOT an appropriate venue to market your services or your products. You can do that outside your session. 5. When you are a presenter, others will know where to find you at the conference!

And, here are 5 reasons to mark your calendar and plan your budget so you can join us in San Francisco:

1. Meet well-known ADHD professionals and learn from their expertise. 2. Make connections with coaches from around the world. 3. Meet prospective coaching clients. 4. Get CCEUs for attending coaching track sessions 5. Expand your knowledge about ADHD and cutting edge research

I hope to see you in San Francisco in November for coaching, learning, connections and fun.