Coaching Children – Can You Really Do That?

I have been coaching children, ages 8 -12, since 1997. It was a natural for me – a combination of core coaching skills and a basic behavioral model for change.  The feedback I have received from parents over the years is that the coaching made a positive impact on their children and on their ability to parent with a more positive outlook.  By coaching the children individually and with their parents, I have seen a greater sense of awareness in the children and a willingness to work with the parent/coach “team”.

There are many in the coaching field who don’t believe that it is possible to coach children.  Do children understand the coaching process?  Do children understand goals and accountability?  If a coach asks a powerful, thoughtful question of a 10 year old, does he have the intellectual capacity to answer it?  The answer is a resounding YES to all of the above!

Think about it… In coach training we are taught to meet the client where the client is.  This works with children, too.  We often don’t give children credit for their level of understanding and intuition. When you, the coach, trust in them, they will communicate with you.

If you are interested in coaching children, enroll our upcoming teleclass, Coaching Children with ADHD that starts on January 17, 2012.  It is a 4 week, 6 hour class to help you get a clearer picture of the coaching process for children.  The course will include:

  • How to shift the coaching process for success with children ages 8-12
  • How to include parents in the coaching process
  • Tools for accountability and rewards for children and families
  • Handouts for use in the classroom and at home
  • Role playing and Q&A during each session


I hope you choose to sign up and discover the joy of coaching children!