Coaching as a Priority

Setting priorities can be very difficult for people with ADHD and EF isssues. As a coach, I do my best to support clients set goals, prioritize those goals and move forward in a structured manner.  Where I consistently notice a breakdown is in prioritizing the coaching itself.  Do you have a coach and regularly miss coaching appointments?  Do you agree to check in and the week just flies by without a single check-in?  Are you a coach that allows clients to reschedule and reschedule until the structure of the coaching plan fizzles?  Have you noticed that the clients who don’t check in between sessions spend most of the coaching call catching up on the past week instead of moving forward? If you are nodding your head in agreement, as I am sure most ADHD coaches and clients are doing right now, I strongly encourage you to set coaching as a priority in your life.  Do it now, do it tomorrow, and next week, and beyond.  When coaching is a priority,  just like getting to work on time or finishing up school work before the due date, both coach and client will notice consistent progress.  What’s the point of a coaching partnership if the partners are not working together to set priorities and move forward in the coaching process?