Coach Training and Learning Styles – What’s Right for You?

There are hundreds of coach training programs and continuing ed courses available online, via teleclass and in-person. I recall the first time I looked for a coach training program and found myself leaning toward a program that offered in-person training. I am a visual learner and could not imagine myself learning to coach via teleclass. Interestingly, one of the great skills I learned in coach training was how to use all of my senses and my intuition to connect with my clients. In the years since my training, I find myself leaning toward teleclasses, both as a student and as a trainer. And, 90% of my clients communicate with me on the phone! We all have predominant learning styles which allow us to learn in a way that is best for us.  What I have learned is that by exercising my “auditory” muscles via telephone, I have heightened my intuition and make wonderful connections with my clients near and far.  So, what’s my point?  My point is that I have learned a great deal by opening my eyes and ears to possibilities in learning and have discovered a deeper level of understanding of my clients and coach trainees. I am not quite a master at kinesthetic learning, but I do find myself walking around a bit more while tethered to my headset to experience movement while listening. Ready to try something new?  Check out our teleclasses and maybe you can learn while walking on a treadmill this fall!  Learn more today.