Coach of the Week – Ron Bashian

As a former pediatrician, Ron Bashian has a long association with ADHD.  Ron is also a parent to two adopted children with ADHD, now grown and independent, which has deepened his commitment to serve this under served and misunderstood group of young people. As a fully trained and experienced coach, Ron’s exclusive professional work is to coach students from ages 11 and up in addition to parent coaching.

After a detailed intake, Ron begins coaching with an evaluation of Executive Functions, whose inconsistent application underlies many ADHD problems. Executive Functions are context dependent, easily waylaid by emotional overload, or simply inaccessible. Ron assess them using a validated scale developed by Dr. Russell Barkley. Most importantly for coaching purposes, the scale links executive functions to real-life and every-day decisions and behaviors which provides awareness to clients.

Equally important to coaching is promptly identifying a client’s personal Strengths and Values. These energize aspirations and motivations, providing the wind in our sails. Early on, Ron and his clients review their results from the widely regarded VIA Personality and Character Strengths survey. In the process, clients learn how to best use their top signature strengths, and leverage them to achieve important life goals.

Ron’s coaching helps clients develop SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Time Bound) – not to be perfect, but picking themselves up and learning when they fall. It means persevering and becoming accountable, developing resilience and grit. Interestingly clients can learn the most when they are stuck. Beyond that wall, great discoveries and insights are to be made and the coaching process helping to make that happen.

About Ron:

Ron is a professional member of the ADHD Coaches Organization and CHADD, and is an EDGE Foundation coach. He is a certified CHADD Parent to Parent instructor. Ron has taught medical humanism to fourth year students of the VCU School of Medicine, and a senior seminar about peer-reviewed literature at George Mason University. Click here to find Ron in the JST Directory and connect with him.

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