Coach of the Week – Lynn Miner-Rosen

As an ADHD Coach for Teens and College Students, it is my passion and goal to share what I know about ADHD and Executive Functioning with my clients, their parents and the public. I am constantly amazed and concerned about the misinformation about ADHD and Executive Functioning in the news and on the Internet.  I feel strongly that my current avocation as an ADHD Coach is my way to let my clients and the public know that “I get it” and “I get YOU”.

 Coaching gives me the opportunity to create special connections with my clients by relating to them differently than parents and other adults.  Each coaching session works toward giving my clients the confidence to independently meet their goals, overcome challenges, and manage their time.  They become self-advocates and can independently identify and then ask for help they might need.   My teen and young adult clients share with me their frustration of not being able to be the best students they can be.  They strive to get A’s and B’s in school but are often derailed by distractions they cannot ignore.  In addition, they feel constant pressure from their parents to “get to work”, “do your homework, or else”, “you can do much better”, “you are capable of so much more”, etc.

As a public speaker I educate and inform my audiences all about ADHD, the positive attributes of ADHD and how an ADHD Coach can help students and young adults in all areas of their life.   I have combined my background in business, my two masters degrees in elementary education and special education, my 11 years as a teacher, my social media knowledge and my Toastmasters public speaking practice  into an entrepreneurial business to support the ADHD community. I am also involved in two fantastic organizations on Long Island.  LIPAC: Long Island Professional ADHD Consortium and ICF-LI:  International Coaching Foundation – Long Island chapter as the secretary. 

About Lynn:

Lynn Miner-Rosen, M.Ed., BCC is an ADHD Coach for teens and college students all across the U.S. via Skype, telephone or in person.   Lynn guides and supports teens and college students with (or without) ADD/ADHD to achieve their full potential in all areas of their life.

As a whole-life coach, Lynn works with high school and college students to help them to achieve their personal and academic goals.  Lynn helps clients in areas such as organization, improving study skills, time management, getting along with peers, life skills in college, communicating with teachers/bosses, personal health and to be a self-advocate at school. Lynn is not a tutor and does not replace a therapist, but facilitates a partnership with trust, support, meeting goals, strategies, understanding, encouragement and empowerment. Everyone is a willing partner!  Click here to find Lynn in the JST Directory and connect with her.