Coach of The Week – Joseph Sirianni

The Relationship between Diet and ADHD

One aspect of ADHD research that truly fascinates me is how diet and ADHD are correlated; especially gluten and dairy.   The best case study I can offer for this discussion can best be explained by what happened with my own son.

Being a special education teacher, who is married to a family nurse practitioner, my wife and I had some concerns about our own four-year old son.  He has some gross motor delays and we also observed his inability to focus.  We tried many things, including a chiropractor to see what we could do to help him.

The chiropractor took one look at his arms, and suggested the we put him on a dairy and gluten free diet.  She explained that his dry arms were not just a bad case of eczema, but rather a condition known as chicken skin.  

This wasn’t easy, but after a few weeks we saw a great difference.  After being on the new diet for two weeks, he completed a 100 chart at school.  In addition, he drew his first picture that wasn’t just scribbles.  Also, he participated in circle time appropriately.  My wife and I could not believe the gains he made in just a few weeks.    Who knew that just a simple change in diet could make that big of a difference? 

Makes you wonder what is in the food we eat.

About Joseph

Joseph Siranni  is a Special Education Teacher with a M.S in School Leadership from Chestnut Hill College, and a B.S in Education from Temple University.  He works with 7th and 8th grade students in the areas of emotional support, specific learning disabilities, and behavior challenges.  Joseph believes that all students have strengths that they may not know they have, and he works diligently to help them discover them and build off of them.  Click here to find Joseph in the JST Directory and connect with him.