Coach of the Week- Helen Montfort

I started my career as a Professional Organizer in 2000.  I soon learned that many of my clients had ADD/ADHD, and started taking classes to learn more about ADD/ADHD. I eventually became Certified Life Coach, because I wanted to help my clients get to a deeper level of learning and understanding about their ADD/ADHD and organizing issues.  My clients benefit from this combination of Organizing and Coaching that I do.

One of my organizing clients was seriously avoiding sitting down to do the bi-monthly bill paying and paperwork that she knew she needed to do. We coached around the topic and she realized that the most that she could commit to doing was to sit in a chair at her dining room table for a half an hour once a week with the intent to think about the paperwork.  Committing to actually doing the paperwork made her avoid it all together.  We had talked about the Kaizen * method before so she knew about taking a very small manageable step and this was truly taking that very first manageable step – just sitting at the table.  She also knew that she would be accountable to me – I would be checking in with her a week later to see if she had indeed sat down at the table.  She also knew that there would be no judgment from me about whether she had sat down or not.  She would just tell me what she had or had not done.  There is learning from whatever choice she made.

A week later when I checked in with her, she was thrilled to say that she had indeed been able to sit down, because there was no resistance or avoidance with just sitting and she also knew that I would be checking in.  Once the avoidance stalemate had been broken and she was sitting at the table she actually did spend a half hour paying bills. It was much easier than she had expected and after she accomplished that she went on for another half hour and completed other paperwork that she had also been avoiding.

So, what looked like a organizing issue was solved through coaching.

* Kaizen is “ the Japanese technique of achieving great and lasting success through small, steady steps. Kaizen works because it melts away resistance – in particular, the “fight or flight” brain chemistry behind people’s underlying fear of change.”   “One Small Step Can Change Your Life, The Kaizen Way” by Robert Maurer, PhD.


Helen is a Professional Organizer, Certified Organizer Coach and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. She works with a range of people, including adults, college students & those with ADD / ADHD that are feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, stuck, busy taking care of others & unsure of where or how to begin.

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