Coach of the Week – Elena Estanol

I can’t find my keys, wallet, phone….and shoe?

Does this phrase sound familiar? It is a complaint we regularly hear at our coaching practice!
Working with teens and newly independent young adults brings a host of excitement and challenges that can feel overwhelming especially when running late and in a rush to get to class/work…on time?…maybe not!
The frustration and stress created by the inability to find your keys, phone, wallet or shoe when you are already 5 minutes late can be enough to make some youth give up and crumble in desperation. Especially when this happens repeatedly!
Some fun places where these items have been reportedly found….
Do you want to play a fun guessing game?
The pantry, the fridge, the mail box, inside the couch cushions, fallen behind dressers, entry tables, hidden under piles of mail and my favorite…a cell phone in the freezer!
Ok you get the idea! This may sound funny to read, but the reality is that when this is happening to you it is NO laughing matter.
ADHD Coaching can have transformative results in the lives of youth struggling to find themselves, their footing (and shoes), and place in the world. We work with our students to help them develop individualized structures, routines and strategies that can help them bring peace to their chaos and allow them to blossom as human beings!
Some good strategies to deal with the above mentioned issue include:
  • GET REAL- Evaluate your entry way for what is working and what isn’t.
  • TOSS things that do not help you create or maintain an organized system for your important tools.
  • CREATE-a system that works for you…
    • A hook may work for keys ONLY If you use it!
    • Be realistic maybe a Bowl or a box may serve you better.
  • DESIGNATE a place for each of these items
  • PRACTICE placing these items MINDFULLY in each of the designated places every time!
We have had many students who have come to us after they have either dropped out or been kicked out of school, have lost jobs, relationships and even places to live. We have worked with them to be able to create meaningful and productive lives on their own, maintaining a household, holding down jobs, becoming successful at school, maintaining good relationships and THRIVING!
We offer a comprehensive treatment program for adhd that includes coaching, academic skills, counseling and working memory training programs to increase overall functioning in all areas of life.
A snippet from a recent student testimonial reads:
“My life has completely turned around in the best way I could have imagined. Elena set me on a new course of life. I learn new things about myself every time I visit with her which has allowed me to become my true self; something I never thought possible. I am so thankful for her guidance, support, knowledge, and understanding. I am truly the
happiest I’ve ever been in my adult/adolescent years. THANK YOU!”


Dr. Estanol is the founder and executive director of Synapse Counseling a counseling, coaching and peak performance center focused on the treatment of Eating disorders, ADHD, coaching and peak performance. She helps students grow through challenges and thrive!  Click here to find Elena in the JST Directory and connect with her.