Coach of the Week – Cindy Goldrich

It’s a Family Affair

We have all gotten these calls. “My son is really struggling in school.  Won’t do his homework, he can’t seem to manage his time, and he is really giving us a hard time.  Can you please work with him to get him to be more organized and more motivated to do what he should?”  The first consideration that pops into your mind is “Is he coachable?”  Often times, parents approach coaches to “fix” their kids.  But as trained coaches, we know that is not our role.  Coaching is a collaborative, action oriented partnership designed to help people make the changes they want.  Very often, kids, especially younger ones or ones who have a more contentious relationship with their parents, are not yet candidates for coaching.  So how do you offer support?

Very often, these kids will make excellent coaching candidates once we can help the parents shift their role and modify how they interact with their children.  As an ADHD Parent Coach, I find that sometimes parent’s anxiety and/ or their particular parenting style creates so much stress and tension that kids are not receptive to what they perceive as an extension of parental control.  By working with the parents exclusively, I am able to help them truly understand the impact ADHD and the accompanying Executive Function skill deficits are impacting not just their child’s learning, but their behavior and their relationships as well.  I have had terrific success in helping parents really understand and accept their children “where they are” so that they can then support them more appropriately.  Once that happens, I find the kids are much more receptive, and in fact interested, in having their own coaching support.


 Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ACAC, founder of PTS Coaching, is a Certified ADHD Coach and parenting specialist. She provides education, tools, strategies and support to help parents reduce the arguing, stress and chaos that so often exist on a daily basis.  She gives parents a unique understanding of how ADHD, Executive Function delays and related challenges impact their child’s behavior, performance, self-esteem, and outlook.  Click here to find Cindy in the JST Directory and how to connect with her.