Coach of the Week – Camille Harris

Camille’s professional path has led her on an interesting journey from educator and entrepreneur to social worker, mental health clinician, and AD/HD coach.

After completing her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and graduate training in Special Education, Camille taught in both public and private schools in her early 20’s. An entrepreneur and idealist at heart, at age 25 she founded a private school in Rappahannock County, Virginia, that offered small classes and customized education for children in grades K-3. The school evolved into a multi-purpose non-profit community organization, The Child Care & Learning Center (CCLC), where Camille served as Executive Director for nine years. She also founded The Foster-Harris House (a Bed & Breakfast) out of her home in Washington, Virginia, during her last years of employment at CCLC.

Camille’s passionate interest in learning how to help people make meaningful changes in their lives led her to obtain a Masters in Social Work (MSW) and to acquire Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) status in 1997. She has held a variety of clinical, supervisory, and leadership positions in mental health/social work. As a Child & Adolescent Mental Health Program Specialist and a statewide Transition Specialist for the Commonwealth of Virginia, she helped localities create transition programs for older teens with disabilities.

In 2005, Camille joined LaMountain & Associates, a talent management firm in Richmond, Virginia, as a Senior Associate and Professional Coach. After completing the five core curriculum Co-Active Coaching courses with the Coaches Training Institute, she obtained a certificate in Coaching Teens & College Students with AD/HD with JST Coaching’s first graduating class in 2008.

Drawing on her experience as an entrepreneur, educator, social worker, clinician, and coach, Camille has developed a customized AD/HD coaching program that offers three levels of coaching and support services for teens, college students, and other adults with AD/HD and coexisting conditions.  Services to clients range from 1.5 to 7.0 hours per week and can include not only coaching and supportive texts, emails, and short phone calls between coaching sessions, but also family conference calls and coordination with school and disability services personnel, therapists, psychiatrists, and academic coaches/tutors.  Camille also offers a variety of career, personality, and other assessment instruments to her clients.

Camille has a special talent for envisioning the “big picture” and helping clients achieve both short-term and long-term goals by focusing intently on daily details and following through on action steps that lead to success.  This is especially helpful for people with AD/HD, many of whom are entrepreneurs like Camille!

Camille holds the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and she maintains an active clinical license (LCSW) in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  She loves to help clients make significant changes in their behaviors and to achieve their goals.   Click here to find Camille in the JST Directory and connect with her.