Book Excerpt: Why Coach Adolescents and Young Adults? Part 1

What is the value of providing coaching services to young people? Can youth really benefit from coaching given their age? And, if so, why should a parent pay a coach to work with the young person instead of doing the coaching him or herself? For those of you shaking your heads and throwing up your hands, I encourage you to keep reading. It’s okay if you don’t get it yet. As I mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, even after all of the years that I have been coaching, I still get quizzical looks followed by the question of “Why do you coach adolescents and young adults?” when I talk about my career. Of course, I am heartened by the fact that just as many people respond to my work with “Wow! That’s fabulous. Do you have a business card?” or “How can I do that?” Skepticism aside, maybe you do get it and can intuitively sense that coaching is something of value for young people. Maybe you see the need in your own children or in other children you know or support. You may think of it from your own perspective, such as, “What if I had been offered coaching when I was in high school or college? What difference would that have made in my life?”