Book Excerpt: What Will You Offer Your Clients?

The discernment process that you use to identify whom you would like to coach can also be used to pinpoint what kinds of services you’d like to offer to your clients. Although there are core coaching services that are essential to practicing effectively and ethically with young people with ADHD (e.g., regular coaching sessions, periodic check-ins, communication with the client’s care team), there is still quite a bit of flexibility in how you deliver those services as well as how you charge for them.

Here are the common areas of service, plus what I call important practicalities to consider when forming or expanding your coaching business:

  • coaching sessions
  • client check-ins
  • communication with client’s care team
  • length of coaching relationship
  • fees

Thus, questions to consider include, How often will you meet with the client? When and how will the client check in with you to report the status of action items? What role will you play in communicating with the client’s other care providers? How long will you have a coaching relationship with the client? And How much will you charge for your services? Each coach will answer these questions differently.