Book Excerpt: The Intake: Time to Jump In!

An appointment has been set (for an in-person or over-the-phone meeting), and the coach has learned a little more about the client by reviewing the completed paperwork. The day of the intake finally arrives. If you are a coach, how should you plan to direct the process? If you are a client or a parent, how should you expect the intake session to unfold? The intake session typically involves the following components: a discussion of the intake plan and any ground rules for the session, an explanation of the coaching process, an interview of the client and parent by the coach with a focus on what can change, a request by the coach to parents to step out of the room (or hang up the phone), drafting of the personal coaching agreement (PCA) by the client and coach, and a closing discussion with the client and parent to take care of any final intake details. Although there is sure to be some variation in how any given intake session goes, this list more or less presents a chronological timeline for how a coach might conduct the intake session.