Book Excerpt: Supporting Parents: Is Coaching the Best Choice?

In some cases, it will become clear early in the prescreening conversation that coaching services aren’t a match for the parent’s needs. Dad might be calling to get help for his son in algebra. Or mom may really be looking for a therapist to help her daughter deal with depression. When it becomes clear that the parent desires services other than coaching, the coach can then make a referral to a qualified professional that could meet the parent and young person’s needs: tutor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or whomever provides the services required. If the parent does desire coaching for a young person but is having trouble with the idea that the parent will not be sitting in on the coaching sessions, different options are available. The coach can educate the parent on the value of one-on-one coaching without the parent present, refer the parent to a therapist or other coach to support him or her in letting go, or discuss the possibility of adjusting the process to include occasional check-ins among coach, client, and parent.