Book Excerpt: Sharing Information With Parents: What Happens During Coaching?

The information-sharing aspect of the prescreening process involves educating the parent on what coaching is, what coaching is not, and what the coaching rules (i.e., expectations and boundaries) are. This is an excellent opportunity for the parent to get a clear idea of what the coaching process entails before the coach speaks directly to the young person or the intake session is scheduled.

When I educate the parent on what coaching is, I explain that coaching involves my creating a direct partnership with the adolescent or young adult, supported through regular meetings and check-ins in which the parent is not present or involved. During these regular meetings and check-ins, my role in working with the young person is to empower him or her to achieve goals and enhance the quality of life through actionable steps the young person has laid out. In the process, I aim to foster independence in the young person by empowering that young person to discover and apply his or her own resources, skills, and strengths. I also make sure that the parent understands that when I work with clients, I do more than focus on academics with the young person. I will offer whole-life coaching and ADHD coaching rather than merely academic coaching.