Book Excerpt: PCA: The Cornerstone of Support and Structure

Research has shown time and again that youth with ADHD benefit tremendously from having support and structure in their lives. Thus, as a coach, I asked myself many years back whether there was a tool that I could use to consistently and reliably bring support and structure into the coaching process. In response and after reviewing many materials from behavioral, educational, and life coaching sources, I developed the personal coaching agreement (PCA), a document that doesn’t require rocket science to formulate and yet offers incredible value to young people with ADHD and to their coaches, who can use the PCA to guide young clients toward their chosen goals at times when they may become overwhelmed or veer off track. The PCA offers structure to the young person in that it is a tangible document that can be completed, read, discussed, reviewed, and revised. In addition, it spells out the practical aspects of what the client needs to actually do to achieve success, thus turning wishes and goals into real action and progress.