Book Excerpt: Obstacles May Arise in Coaching from Time to Time

Coaching obstacles can occur at the beginning of the coaching process, in the middle, or even at the end. Sometimes obstacles can be resolved with patience and time by allowing the client and coach space to adjust to each other and the process. Other times, coaching with a given coach is simply not feasible, whether because of personality differences, learning style issues, or geographic constraints. A referral may be indicated, or the client may simply need or want to terminate coaching for the time being. Although obstacles that arise in coaching occasionally indicate that a coach could benefit from mentoring or additional training, it can be helpful to think of obstacles in coaching as being neutral rather than personal. By addressing such obstacles through honest communication, redesign of goals to help the client feel more motivated by the process, or termination or referral, coaches treat young people with respect and meet them on their journey, wherever that may lead.