Book Excerpt: Half-Time Coaching: Carmen, the College Student

[Carmen was a college student who had been in weekly coaching for four months to help her manage her course load and keep her life organized. By the time winter break approached, she had met her goals of keeping her grades at a B or above and of staying on top of weekly tasks like laundry and grocery shopping. Carmen had been building her skills and seemed to have a handle on which academic and personal organizational strategies worked best for her; as a result, she felt like she didn’t need to check in every week. Yet, Carmen was a little afraid to give up coaching completely because she believed it helped her stay on track and follow through on things. Carmen and her coach decided that she would take two months off from coaching and check back in with a call in February. When they reconnected, Carmen shared that she was having trouble implementing her study strategies even though she knew what they were…] So, let me ask you … if you were Carmen’s coach, what would you recommend as a plan for her?  Share your thoughts below.