Book Excerpt: Facilitating Learning and Results: Avoid Telling Clients What to Do – Part 2

Unfortunately, there are times when coaches step over the line and into a realm of teaching and consulting. They tell the client what to do and how to do it rather than eliciting solutions from the client. If we are to stay within the framework of coaching, providing an opportunity for our clients to discover their own brilliance, it is imperative that we refrain from problem-solving. Coaching is not a race, and clients are best served when they have an opportunity to partake in the process of discovering answers to their own questions and feel empowered within the coaching relationship. Partnering with young people to assist them in the learning process so they are better able to acquire skills and strategies leads to empowerment. The strategies discussed in this chapter just scratch the surface of possibilities. Coaches can encourage clients and their families to investigate resources such as,, and Books for both young people and adults with ADHD offer guidance on ways to manage one’s time effectively.