Book Excerpt: Create a Clear Action Plan

Our society has a false assumption that we can just kick young people out the door on their 18th birthday and expect them to be ready, willing, and able to make it on their own. This becomes more problematic for young people with ADHD. Because, as Dr. Russell A. Barkley points out, youth with ADHD are often less mature than their peers without ADHD, and because they may have had trouble over the years picking up and retaining the skills needed to be successful at daily life, much less accomplishing loftier goals like college acceptance or moving into one’s own apartment (for the college-aged set), these young people need some supportive hand-holding to help them cross the bridge from the idea stage to the action stage: from goals to motion. A clear and realistic step-by-step action plan can serve as an invaluable tool for young people with ADHD who might otherwise grow overwhelmed by the prospect of working toward their goals and remain stuck.