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Smooth Transitions

Millions of people face life transitions every day. So how do they do it? What makes some transitions easier than others? Or easier for some people and not for others? Bottom-line – what are the keys to making a smooth transition? When coaching clients through life transitions, I find the more my clients know about […]

Coaching Around Impulsivity to Decrease Substance Abuse in Teens

In 1987, the United Nations designated June 26 as the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.  The purpose was to demonstrate their determination to increase global action and attain a society free of drug abuse. Fast forward 32 years and we are still reading daily news reports of drug overdoses, alcohol poisonings and […]

Executive Function Coaching – A Confusing Choice

Executive function (EF) coaching This is a process in which a student and coach co-create a plan that identifies areas of EF strength and weakness. Together they put together action steps and strategies to support the student in strengthening their lagging EF skills, while improving and maintaining a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being. During […]

4 Reasons to Work with a Mentor Coach

4 Reasons to Work with a Mentor Coach

Guest Blogger, Jo Ann Skinner, PCC, JST Director of Mentoring & Assessment Mentor Coaching is focused on increasing the mentee’s proficiency in coaching while integrating the ICF Core Competencies.  The mentor coach advises and guides mentees to deepen their learning to become more effective in their role as a coach. So why should YOU hire […]

A New Tool for ADHD Coaches and their Clients

“Even the simplest tool can empower people to do great things.” – Biz Stone We are pleased to announce the development of a new tool for life coaches and ADHD coaches to gauge the benefits of coaching for college students.  Co-developed by Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, this tool is the ADHD Benefits of Coaching Scale for College […]

Coaching Cats

You may be wondering if this is the same as herding cats. Well it’s not! Cat coaching is a calm, mindful process, unlike herding, that leads to more satisfaction for the coach than the cat. Well, at least that’s what I think, but my cat might not agree. For those of you who are not […]

Coaching Santa Claus

Coaching Santa Claus

I woke up this morning and for some reason, I began thinking about Santa Claus and all he has on his plate this month … aside from cookies!  Then I started to wonder if Santa Claus has a coach. You know, someone to cheer him on as the season of giving approaches? Santa needs motivation […]

Uncover the Process of ADHD Coaching

If it’s October, it must be ADHD Awareness Month!  Time to learn the truth about ADHD and dispel the myths that are holding back people of all ages from getting a proper diagnosis and treatment.  That is what this year’s theme, “Setting the Record Straight,” is all about.  Sharing facts and resources to support individuals […]

The Importance of Ethics in Coaching

Ethical behavior is paramount to good coaching, regardless of the type of coaching one chooses, and there are certainly many choices.  Student Coaching, ADHD Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Recovery Coaching and many more.  All are valuable when provided by a well-trained coach who follows a clear […]

Coaching Students to Move Forward from Stuck

I am often asked, “What is the trick to motivating teens to engage in the coaching process and move forward to meet their goals?”   There is rarely a simple answer to how to motivate students especially those struggling with ADHD, Executive Dysfunction and Learning Disabilities.  In coach training, we teach our students to look beyond […]