Back to School – Are You Ready?

Back to School is a busy time. Registering for classes, paying fees, finding the right backpack, the list can seem endless!

One thing that is often overlooked during back to school is finding a Coach.  Parents often lose sight of the need for that valuable support until their student hits crisis mode and they start a frantic search. What is important to remember is that coaching is a process that will help head off those meltdowns. Your student’s coach will also support your student in navigating more effectively the crises that they do encounter. Your student will learn how to prioritize, break down projects into manageable pieces and how to study more effectively. Of course, there is no “one size fits all” solution so your students’ coach will work with them to create the structure that works with their unique strengths and challenges.

We recommend that you start your student with a coach early so they already have great strategies in place and are enmeshed in the coaching process when crunch time hits. Your student will thank you and you BOTH will enjoy a less chaotic school year! 

You are sure to find a great professional that has trained with JST through our Directory. Don’t forget that phone and Skype coaching are VERY effective so you do not need to limit your search to your local area. 

Please share with all the parents you know as a reminder to keep coaching at the top of the Back to School List.