Answers to “Why ADHD Coaching?”

JST Trained CoachesIn my last post, I discussed the need to share the value of ADHD Coaching with people we know or are meeting for the first time.  Whether the conversation is with life coaches, parents or  professionals who work with people with ADHD, it is important to offer insight into why ADHD coaching works.

Here are some of our readers’ answers to the question, “Why ADHD Coaching?”

  1. ADHD coaching provides an opportunity for teenagers to learn independent living skills and how to manage ADHD/EF/LD.
  2. ADHD coaches are trained to understand the difficulties their clients face on a daily basis and can offer support and strategies that are sorely needed.
  3. ADHD coaching helps entrepreneurs navigate their businesses more effectively, leading to a higher level of overall success.
  4. ADHD coaches can coach parents of young children with ADHD so that both the parents and kids can learn how to manage ADHD and related organizational, behavioral and academic issues.
  5. ADHD coaching is great for college students.  We know that college is a huge transition for all students and when you add ADHD, wow, is it difficult.  Talking with a coach helps set priorities, manage time, balance social and academic choices and more!

What is your answer to our question?  Send it in for next week.

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