ADHD & The Holidays – ADHD Coaching Tips

In a coaching session, an ADHD Coach might ask you: What are your goals for the holidays? What is most important to you and your family?  How might you answer those questions? Ask yourself  throughout the holiday season to keep your focus and intention clear.

Here are some ADHD coaching tips to get you through the holidays, meet your goals and have fun!

  1. Shop with a friend or family member. Keep tabs on one another.
  2. Make a detailed list. Include name/age/type of gift/size/color/top $$ amount.
  3. STICK to your list. When you purchase an item, note it next to the person’s name. This is really helpful when you get home with lots of bags & boxes.
  4. Remember that the goal is to buy gifts for others.  Don’t let your ADHD take you on a personal shopping spree.
  5. Pace yourself by taking frequent breaks to stretch, refocus or have a snack.
  6. Taking your children with you to the mall?  Increase the number of breaks and build in an incentive for them to stick with you while shopping.  A trip to the Dollar Store or the food court. At home, you could offer extra screen time as a no-cost incentive.

What are your favorite ADHD Coaching holiday tips?

 Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
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Author: Empowering Youth with ADHD