ADHD & The Holidays – ADHD Coaching Accountability Check In

So, how are you?  Did your latkes taste delicious on Hanukkah?  Is your Christmas tree ready for friends, relatives and Santa?  Is your Kwanzaa feast almost ready and your kinara on the mantel?

It is ADHD Coaching accountability time!!!  A tool used by ADD-trained coaches to help you, the client, check in on how things are going and review your “to do” list for the holidays and beyond.  Ask yourself – what are my priorities today and this week?  Which of those priorities come first? I ask the second question because many clients tell me that EVERYTHING is a priority.  Sound familiar?

So… take a deep breathe, stretch, reach for your list, and prioritize.  Remember, the holidays are not about perfection. It is time to celebrate, visit with family and friends and have fun.  Trust me – the less you push yourself or allow your ADHD “hyper-drive” to push you, the more you will enjoy and savor.

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
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Author: Empowering Youth with ADHD