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At JST Coaching & Training, our goal is to provide quality coach training and continuing education.  Our free webinar series is designed to provide you with timely tips and information from our faculty and colleagues.  We welcome requests for webinar topics and look forward to sharing our knowledge with you each month. Want to receive upcoming webinar alerts?  Join our mailing list

The Facts About Hypnotherapy. It Really Works!

Hypnotherapy often gets a “bad rap.” People think it is fake and that hypnotherapists are untrained and doing more harm than good. This is definitely a MYTH!

Well-trained, licensed hypnotherapists work their “magic” in a professional, scientifically-based process. Many clients attain release from unwanted anxiety, stress, phobias, lack of confidence, insomnia, concentration issues, nail-biting, excessive weight, and many other behavioral issues, all preventive measures to enjoy a balanced and healthy life.

Join Richard Weathered, CHt, of Inner Balance Hypnotherapy. LLC, to learn the FACTS about hypnosis, what it does and how it may be of benefit to you, your family or friends

Please Enjoy Our Past Webinars!

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are the recordings of past Webinars

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett takes a look at the field of ADHD coaching to help you better understand what makes ADHD coaching a powerful and life-changing process and what’s important to learn if you are a coach or seeking out a coach.

Watch Jodi provide a Master Coach coaching demonstration with a real client to share the ADHD coaching process and provide clarity on what coaching IS and IS NOT.