ADHD Coaching Qualifications – Part 2

Last week I wrote about my frustration with the current state of  ADHD coaching qualifications.  Many of you expressed interest in further discussion and inquired about steps to take to further professionalize the field of ADHD coaching.  In my opinion, the first step is to examine your own coach training. Do you have at least 60 hours of life coach training?  If not, what do you consider your coach training qualifications?  Years ago I received an email from a woman I had met at an ADHD conference.  Her signature stated that she was now a certified ADHD coach.  When I congratulated her and asked where she went to coaching school (since I last saw her), the reply was “I don’t need to go to coaching school. I am an adult with ADHD and have worked with students with ADHD for years. That makes me a certified coach.”  YIKES! Since that email and many other conversations, the ADHD coaching community has come together to review the qualifications of ADHD coaches and those who profess to be ADHD coaches. That is why I strongly encourage each of you to look at your professional coach training. If you find that you don’t meet the basic criteria of 60 hours of life coach training plus at least 30 hours of ADHD specific coach training, go back to coaching school! I am well aware that we don’ all share the same philosophy and I look forward to an online dialogue.  Please send your feedback