ADHD Coaching for Young People – How to Choose a Coach

Wow, it is August  already.  Time to count the weeks until the next semester begins and start searching for an ADHD coach.   Are you laughing at me? Does this seem too early? My phone starts ringing at the end of spring semester and the fever pitch intensifies over the next few weeks.  Want to know how to find and choose a coach for yourself or for a teen or young adult with ADHD?

Here are a few basic tips:

1. Talk with the young person who will be using the coaching services. Ascertain their willingness to work with a coach.

2.  For local area coaches referral from friends, neighbors or your medical or mental health professionals. REMEMBER, many of us coach college students on the telephone or by Skype. This works quite well for college students.

3. Qualify the referral. Find a coach with training and experience in ADHD and life coaching.

4. Visit the Edge Foundation and find a coach.All Edge Foundation coaches are trained as life coaches and ADHD coaches and completed the 30 hour ICF approved course, Coaching Teens & College Students with ADHD, offered exclusively by JST Coaching.

5. Have more questions?  Ask me.

Wishing you a wonderful August and a successful search for a great coach.

All the best,