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Welcome to the JST ADHD Coach Directory

Thank you for choosing JST Coaching & Training to seek out the right coach for your needs! We know that finding a coach can be a challenge so we have compiled this directory of JST trained coaches to aid in your search.**

Coaching is very effective by phone, FaceTime or video-conference, so we recommend widening your search beyond your local area. Please read Your Guide to Choosing the Right Coach, for detailed information.

What is Coaching?

(JST Coaching and Training Graduates Only)

**DISCLAIMER**  This list is provided as a public service by JST Coaching, LLC. It is not an endorsement or guarantee of any kind by JST for the individuals in this list. JST does verify that each person listed above has completed at least one training program offered by JST. It is the responsibility of the consumer to verify the credentials and ability of anyone selected for services from this list. JST Coaching, LLC has no liability of any kind for the services provided by the persons in this list. Additional coaching credentials and experience are detailed for each listing. We encourage those searching for the right coach to contact the graduates directly for more information.