ADHD Awareness in Istanbul

During my recent trip to Istanbul, I was a guest speaker at a seminar organized by the STET Istanbul
Community Association of Parents without Borders.

The seminar was designed to inform parents about ADHD and ADHD coaching.  Over 120 parents attended and we had a packed room.  The organizers worked with Internet Anneleri to arrange an online forum and live video stream for those who could not attend.

What an exciting experience – sharing my knowledge of ADHD coaching with parents from all areas of Turkey and once again working with my friend and colleague, Elgiz Henden.

Dr. Yildiz & JSTAt the end of the seminar, I was literally “whisked away” to meet with Dr. Muammar Yildiz, Istanbul’s Director of Education, with whom I had met for the first time in 2012.

I am grateful to Elgiz, Armağan Portakal and Fatih Portakal for arranging this second meeting. We had an opportunity to talk about the need for increasing awareness about ADHD in our schools.

I was impressed with the seminars being offered to teachers throughout Istanbul by Elgiz Henden, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Yildiz.  He believes in supporting all children with special needs and agrees that the teachers need to have an understanding of ADHD and coaching skills to best support those children.  We agreed to stay in touch via Twitter and email and I am already looking forward to my next visit in April 2014!

Next week… Rome.

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