ADHD and Stress Management – Relaxation

You know what I want for the holidays? Peace and quiet, an opportunity to just slow down – breathe and relax. You might want to do that a few times every day in order to keep yourself going. Just breathe in and breathe out. Think about nothing or think about something wonderful.

I grew up in New England and I love to think about the snowfalls and living in a place where people can actually handle the snow. Where I live now, it’s more of a panic and “Oh my gosh, two inches and we are all snowed in”. But there is something beautiful about winter. And there is also something beautiful about thinking that you’re not in winter, or you might live by the beach or near palm trees or the mountains. Whatever it is, that you want to focus on, take time to do that.

Take your children for a magical trip. Have them sit down and imagine where they want to be. If your child wants to be at the beach or at Disney, they can think about that – they can sit down and draw a picture, they can tell you about it, or they can just close their eyes and imagine being there even a few minutes is possible. There are many adults and young people who have ADHD and executive dysfunction that find it difficult to stay focused.

So that’s why you want to keep it short – but all of us have the capacity to spend just a few minutes.  Again take that deep breath. Breathe in and out. You don’t even have to hold it that long, if that’s not your style. Enjoy and keep the stress down.

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
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Author: Empowering Youth with ADHD