ADHD and Anxiety Disorder – Chicken and Egg Dilemma

In recent months, I have been taking a closer look at the connection between ADHD and anxiety disorder.  We have known for many years that the two co-occur frequently.  The question that pops up for many of the coaches I mentor  is “how do I best coach a client with both conditions?”  Do we start with the ADHD to uncover the issues with EF and related problems or start with the anxiety issues to guide our clients to a more peaceful, less anxious place in their minds and bodies? Jumping into both issues at once is not always a good idea.  Those who are anxious become more anxious and the coaching process is less effective or stalled out completely. My suggestions: 1. Ask the client. What will be the best in that moment? 2.  If the client does not know what to choose, begin with deep breathing exercises.  Calm the brain and body regardless of the cause. 3. Create awareness around the issues of ADHD and anxiety with your client’s permission. 4. Coach the client NOT the ADHD or anxiety and follow the client’s lead. 5. When in doubt, refer out.  Some clients need additional treatment. This is just a tidbit. What do you find helpful with your clients?