ADHD Benefits of Coaching Scale

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett is the co-author of the ADHD Benefits of Coaching Scale (ABCS), which was tested and verified using the JST Coaching Model with all college students in the study.

The ADHD Benefits of Coaching Scale is a self-report instrument designed to measure the benefits of ADHD coaching in college students.  Each of the students received ADHD coaching from coaches using the JST Model of Coaching.  The 10-item ABCS showed satisfactory internal consistency reliability and validity and differentiated between coached (n = 17) and noncoached groups (n = 192; p < .01).

We are pleased to offer the ADHD Benefits of Coaching Scale for College Students (ABCS-CS) for use by ADHD and life coaches providing coaching services to college students.

Details of the development and validation of the tool can be accessed here.