A Note on Learning Styles and Learning Differences for Coaches, Parents and Educators

Knowing about the different learning styles helps coaches guide the client when using the strategies suggested for a specific learning style. For example, when talking with a client, the coach might ask, “Do you remember those things that were recommended for visual learners? How might those tips help you with your work today?” For a kinesthetic learner:  “What are some of the things that you can do kinesthetically to help with your hyperactivity and to stay focused when your body still wants to move?”

For the client with ADHD and LD, the coach has to consider the question, “How does the ADHD impact the learning and the ability of my client to learn effectively?” Parents may come to the intake and say, “My child doesn’t have any learning disabilities. It is just the ADHD.  I want you to work on organization and time management.”  They may be missing pieces of the puzzle if a specific learning disability has not been diagnosed. Coaches need to be aware of the overlap between ADHD, LD and giftedness and ask questions to find out what is, and is not, working well for the client.

Get to know the young person you are supporting by asking questions, offering learning styles inventories and reviewing results of educational testing to get a clear picture of how the young person will learn the best!

All the best,