3 Steps to Refocus Your Mind

Last week I wrote about refocusing during times of distraction.  Here is a coaching tip to help youth and adults with ADHD and anyone else who may be distracted by stress, the heat, having summer house guests, you name it! When you notice yourself losing focus, spend a few minutes doing the following: 1.  BREATHE IN and BREATHE OUT, REPEAT 2. Stand up, stretch your arms to the sides or above your head if you prefer. Breathe deeply.  Exhale as you slowly bring your arms down. Repeat. 3. Take notice of your breathing and your focus. Are you ready to go back to the task at hand? If not, repeat steps 1 & 2 above. This exercise will take you only a few minutes and can clear your mind, making it easier to refocus and proceed. Three (3) simple steps which you can do anywhere, at any time. In our coach training courses, we talk about helping our clients find the best way to get centered and focused . For some people, breathing does the trick.  Others may want to go to a private/quiet spot before doing this exercise. Try a few variations and talk with your coach about other ideas. Coaches – we would love to share your simple strategies for refocusing during times of distraction.