Work Life Balance – Tax Time Tip

Today I want to talk about getting ready for tax time. I know … thoughts of taxes and getting tax returns done are already circling around in your head. Before you even can fill the tax return out, you need to get organized.

As you get thinking about getting organized, make sure to consider what’s the most important. Given the time of year mixed in with any priorities that you might have going on in your life and pick one place to start. So, let’s pick tax season to focus on. Start gathering your receipts into a big envelope, or an expanding file is great to use. Start to collect everything and put it together. Once you have it together, then you can begin sorting and getting things ready figuring out what you need and don’t.

Since you are in the middle of this right now, I want to suggest that you start looking forward into the following year as you are going through this process. Think about what will make it easier next time and write that down. If having a receipts envelope is a good thing for you to have, go ahead and set that up now and put the date on the front. You can keep it by year, by month, or you could do it by category. Just pick one way and get yourself started to a better, organized, getting ready for tax time. Good luck!

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
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Author: Empowering Youth with ADHD